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Last of the Firren By Sid Orpin
A Solo Adventure for Tunnels & Trolls.

Last of the Firren
By Sid Orpin
$2.00 PDF

Last of the Firren Solo Adventure A long time ago. Okay, a very long time ago, I wrote a T&T solitaire adventure called The Tree of Life and to my great joy, someone published it. So, I wrote a second level and the same person published it. Both books had fabulous colour covers and masses of internal illustrations and I thought they were pretty neat. Unfortunately, the covers and plenty of other artwork was stolen and the great little roleplaying game I loved was mired in controversy for a while.

Suffice to say, over the years, I often thought of producing my own ‘kosha’ version of these adventures but never quite got around to it. An age ago, I commissioned Jeff Freels to produce some line art for internal illustrations and my great friend Simon Tranter did a great cover. Finally, this is the finished product. Both solos in one package; more than 400 adventure pargraphs in total. Hey, I’ve even updated the text so that it is compatible with Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls.


Sid Orpin

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For thousands of years before the sentient races bestrode the face of Trollworld vying for power and dominion over others, it was the plants that ruled. The Kings of the plants were the great firren trees and vast woodlands of them stretched from the Dragon’s teeth to his very tail. But fire and axe and sorcery depleted their number until now there is just one remaining. At one time it was the home to the elf lords of the Shindyr forest and then the domicile of the dark elf sorcerer Glebus Gnarledfingers. With his death, who knows what treasures or knowledge of the arcane you may discover within?

As you emerge into a clearing the most astonishing sight greets you. At the bottom of a small valley is the most enormous tree you have ever seen. The trunk is at least 60 feet across and it must be more than 400 feet high, the top lost in the mists that roll off the mountains to the forest floor here. You have reached your goal. The last firren stands before you. As you contemplate what to do next, the sun starts to dip below the far horizon and its fiery ball casts a golden glow around all of the higher branches. Perhaps you had better get some sleep and attempt to enter refreshed in the morning.

The Last of the Firren is a twin Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls solo for a single character of 2nd to 5th level from one of the human-sized races whose attributes total no more than 250. Any type of character may enter though magic-users will find that the Kremm field generated by the single largest living creature on the whole continent of Ralph, the great firren tree itself, limits their abilities quite dramatically.

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