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The Tavernmaster. The Tavernmaster

The Tavernmaster is a fellow both cheerful and wise. We don't know much about his past as he plays his cards close to his chest; but he seems to have unexpected contacts in all kinds of places.

Shrewdly overseeing the bar and looking after his many pedigree ales, he is often to be seen in the cellar, helping Wilwarin clean his pipe under the guidance of his skilful hands. When he comes up, you can be sure of a merry welcome!

Wilwarin. Wilwarin

Wilwarin is the blooming flower of a family of sea elves, who settled in the port of Leechwater. Growing up among the bustle of the quayside, she developed a sharp tongue along with her knockabout good humour.

Schooled by the Wench's Guild in Flirting and Flouncing, and with experience bedded down in many an inn and kitchen, Wilwarin likes nothing better than to place her foaming jugs in the eager hands of a band of thirsty and appreciative delvers.

Andy R. Holmes. Andy Holmes

Andy has been devoted to Tunnels & Trolls since around 1982 when introduced to it by then school pal (now old friend!) Jason Mills. He is the author of over 30 T&T Solos and GM Adventures, including Goblin Crag and Deep Where the Liche Lord Lies, and is an avid fan of Call of Cthulhu, being Keeper for more adventures than he can recall. He has also been a keen painter of fantasy miniatures for over 30 years.

Andy is a Black Belt in Ju Jitsu martial arts. He loves fantasy and horror movies, and has an eclectic taste in music and video games. At the centre of his life are his two best girls; daughter, Amy, and wife, Vicky.

Sid Orpin. Sid Orpin

Sid is a child of the 60s, brought up on sci-fi classics like original Star Trek and Doctor Who. In his teens, he read Tolkien and a spread of other fantasy works, and this lead on to role-playing. The first game was, of course, Tunnels & Trolls. Over the years, he dabbled in Runequest 2, Star Trek RPG, Paranoia, ICE's Middle Earth, and even some Pendragon, but he always came back to that battered yellow copy of T&T 5th Edition.

Just before his daughter was born, in the autumn of 2006, he happened upon an interesting chap selling his own T&T Solos on the internet. That turned out to be none other than Andy 'Boozer' Holmes, and the rest, as they say, is history. Buying a few new adventures really rekindled his love of T&T, and with Andy's encouragement, Sid finally wrote his first solitaire adventure, Rapscallion (it has recently been made available as a pdf download at DriveThru RPG thanks to the Tavernmaster team), and has gone on to write half a dozen more. With his two mini solitaire adventures, Devotion to Duty and Formication, already available from Tavernmaster Games, Sid hopes to publish more of his work in the near future.

Darrgh's Den

Jason Mills. Jason Mills

Jason began playing Tunnels & Trolls with schoolmate Andy Holmes as long ago as 1982. He has played many other role-playing games through the years, but always turns to T&T for no-fuss fantasy fun. He is the author of two solos, Scandal In Stringwater! and Enter The Dragon, as well as a collection of 101 Tunnels & Trolls Limericks. Some of his T&T material is freely available at his website, The Vital Spot.

These days Jason works as a computer technician. An avid reader, he occasionally squeezes a little fiction of his own out into the world and records for the free audiobook site Librivox.

The Vital Spot

Jeff Freels. Jeff Freels

Jeff draws. Jeff draws a lot. Jeff is probably one of the most drawingest guys you'll ever meet. He's been drawing since he could hold a pencil, and when his eyes fell apart in 2000 he taught himself how to draw again with a variety of magnifying lenses and a computer.

Now, Olympia's Blind Cartoonist is still drawing. He could say more, but he's got to get back to the drawing board.


Andy James. Andy James

Andy was introduced to Tunnels & Trolls sometime between Scary Monsters and Let's Dance. He dabbled with Cthulhu, loves the GDW Traveller little black books and will always be envious of Dungeons & Dragons' wealth of supporting material (thankfully, good things are easy to adapt for use with T&T).

He is helping the T&T renaissance with his TunnelsAndTrolls.com website, which promotes all legitimate supporters of T&T.


Simon Lee Tranter Simon Lee Tranter

Simon spent much of his childhood covered in ink, paint and glue, enthusiastically drawing and painting pictures and cartoons, designing characters and constructing models. He studied fine art, graphic design, special effects make-up design, photography and computer graphics to college and university level, eventually attaining a BA (Hons) degree in Art and Design.

As a freelance illustrator, artist and designer, he has produced a wide range of work, from book illustrations, portraits and paintings, to promotional and web design, for a varied collection of clients. His fantasy artwork has been featured in numerous books and publications sold worldwide.

Outside of art, his other great obsessions are film, music, and literature. He lives and works in Worcestershire, United Kingdom, where he can still often be found covered in ink, paint, and glue.


We at Tavernmaster Games are grateful to M. E. Volmar for her hard work behind the scenes during 2011 and 2012, helping us to launch our enterprise with style and professionalism.

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